Cockroaches are among the oldest group of insects. This could be attributed to the fact that they are able to adapt to changes in environment, and as scavengers, they will eat anything organic. Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist places. During the day, they hide in dark secluded places such as under refrigerators, dark corners, ¦ Continue reading Cockroaches


Mosquitoes are biting, blood sucking insects that tend to lay eggs and breed in many different locations that have standing or stagnant water sources. The female mosquito may lay her eggs in such places as a child’s wading pool, a birdbath, drainage ditch, or even a plugged gutter. Any area or container that may hold … Continue reading Mosquitoes


Rats and rodents thrive in various conditions and climates and can easily be found around homes and other structures. They usually hide in areas where there is clutter as well as in drains. They are usually active at night but occasionally can be seen during the day.Since they can crawl through small crevices, it can be extremely difficult to control their movement.

Where there is food and shelter in any property, it will be a good ground for rat infestation. The first clue of their presence is their droppings, usually in kitchen drawers & cabinets, on kitchen counter and in the pantry. The Rats may also leave a track (visible on dusty surfaces) in dust, mud or bare dirt.

To wear down their incisor teeth, Rats need to gnaw continuously. Looking for holes in ceilings, walls and crawl spaces may find rat’s presence. Other signs of a rat and rodent infestation include urine stains, nests, burrows, runways, grease marks, partially eaten food and live or dead rodents.

The two most common species of Rats are the Norway/sewer Rats and the roof Rats. The Norway …Continue reading Rats

Bed Bugs

All parents want their children to have a safe and comfortable environment to grow up in. Unfortunately, household pests like bed bugs pose a challenge as they can cause a number of health problems especially to children. Bed bugs are known to feed on blood, human or other animals. Female bed bugs can lay over … Continue readingBed Bugs


Termites are pests that can cause serious damage to homes, buildings and almost anything organic. Every year, the damage caused by these pests can reach millions of dollars so owners of properties should consider protection not only from fire, floods, or burglary, but also from Termites which can’t be easily seen. Usually, Termites are found … Continue reading Termites