Bed Bugs



All parents want their children to have a safe and comfortable environment to grow up in. Unfortunately, household pests like bed bugs pose a challenge as they can cause a number of health problems especially to children.

Bed bugs are known to feed on blood, human or other animals. Female bed bugs can lay over 12 eggs per day. Nymphs come out of eggs after 6 to 17 days. When these nymphs reach maturity after ten weeks, they will start feeding on blood.

As the name implies, bed bugs live on warm areas in the house including furniture, mattresses, pillows and bedding. They can also be found on drawers and cabinets since these places are safe for them and can be accessed by humans anytime. Simply put, bed bugs love to live where there are humans.

Younger bed bugs cannot live long without food while adult bed bugs can live for about five months under right conditions without feeding. Since they’re nocturnal, they take advantage when we’re asleep at night, stalking and hovering through bedding fibers. Younger bed bugs eat more and are more active at night time.

The most suitable time to eliminate bed bugs is upon first signs of their existence. Most people conclude that their properties are infested when they experience bed bug bites. There are easier indicators such as detecting their egg cases (using illuminator or magnifier), look for eggs or nymphs in cracks and crevices of properties, checking picture frames, bases, furniture items, wall paper and other fixtures. Another sign could be fecal stains and skin casts, usually found on mattresses, pillows and other fibrous materials inside the house.

Bed bugs are considered as pests as they carry health problems in humans. Bed bugs bites can be very itchy, leading to worse skin conditions. Although there are many treatments for bed bug bites, they can get worse depending on the immunity and medical history of the victim. According to studies, bed bugs are also carriers of other diseases including leprosy, q-fever and others.

Upon confirmation of existence of bed bugs, the best option is to call the professionals like Star Pest Control right away. We have all the materials, chemicals and machines imperative for a comprehensive bed bugs control system.